bespoke languages tuition™ provides high-quality tuition for children, students, adults, and business professionals. We aim to provide outstanding tutoring services, tailored to the needs of the individual, inspiring confidence, motivation and interest, to produce results which exceed expectations. 

We offer bespoke Educational Services, language tuition, ESOL and EAL services, preparation for 11 Plus English, maths and verbal reasoning papers, Oxbridge application tutorials, and preparation for University and public examinations in French, German and Spanish, including Common Entrance (CE), GCSE/IGCSE, AS Level, A Level, International Baccalaureate (IB) and Pre-U.

Our specialist tutors help learners develop their study skills, perfect their personal statements, and complete the UCAS application process.

bespoke languages tuition™ has developed its services over the past 22 years, building into them the experience, knowledge and expertise gained from teaching, tutoring and mentoring students of all ages, levels and abilities. Our tutorials are tailored to the needs of each tutee, providing support for primary school learners, secondary school pupils, Oxbridge applicants, undergraduates, international students, adult learners and business professionals.

We tutor in the comfort of your home, your office, online (via Skype, Zoom, Teams or FaceTime), or at the home of one of our specialist tutors, at a time that is most convenient for you. We currently tutor in person within a 10 mile radius of Bournemouth town centre, including Christchurch, Parkstone, Poole, Southbourne, Westbourne, Boscombe, Moordown, Winton, Charminster, Ferndown, Wimborne, and Branksome.

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