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Oxbridge Modern Languages (ML) Applications Tutors

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‘Thank you for all the support you provided Oxbridge candidates in the Modern Foreign Languages Department. I know they felt exceptionally well prepared and that they thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with you. I also appreciate all the time you have taken to prepare them for their Oxbridge interviews. Excellent job!’ (Dr Neil, Deputy Head, Canford School)

'My tutor took me through the whole Oxbridge preparation process - choosing the right course and college, helping me polish my personal statement, giving me loads of practice with MLAT and LAT type questions, and preparing me thoroughly for interview. It was extremely comprehensive and I felt confident. I am now studying French and Spanish at New College - I am very grateful to my tutor for all his help and support!' (Emily Hargreaves)

‘I had a number of tutorials to help me prepare for my Cambridge interviews and for the MML written test. When I went for interview, I felt reassured that I was as prepared as I could be. Fortunately, it all must have gone well, as I've got a conditional offer to read French and German at King's College!’ (Lisa Fielden)

Our Oxbridge Modern Languages (ML) applications tutorials are designed to meet the needs of tutees wishing to make an application to read French, German or Spanish (single or joint honours) at one of the world-renowned Oxford or Cambridge (Oxbridge) Universities.


Our tutorials have two objectives:


  • To guide tutees through the process of applying to Oxbridge;


By understanding how interviews and admissions tests work, and what tutors are looking for, tutees can maximise their potential in application and increase their chances of securing an offer.


Our Oxbridge Modern Languages (ML) applications tutorials focus on the following:


Course choice - Tutees are guided through the variety of Modern Foreign Language courses to make sure their chosen course is compatible with their skills, strengths, interests, selected Year 12/13 subjects, and career aspirations.


College selection - Tutees are guided through the process of choosing the College that is most suitable for them.


Personal statement - This is an important part of the application process, and tutees work closely with their tutor to produce their draft and final personal statements. Please click here for more information on our personal statement service.


Admissions tests - Tutees applying for Oxbridge will be required to complete Oxbridge admissions tests. For Oxford these will be the Modern Language Admission Test (MLAT) and the Language Aptitude Test (LAT) (for tutees whose chosen course is combined with ab initio Polish, German, Czech, Italian, Modern Greek, Portuguese, or Russian). For Cambridge this will be the Modern and Medieval Languages (MML) written test. Tutees work through proprietary questions and papers, as well as published specimen papers and past papers, to help develop their language skills, familiarise themselves with format and question type, and build confidence.


Please click here for more information on Oxbridge Modern Languages Admissions Tests.


Interview Preparation - Tutees whose written application is successful will be called to interview. Oxbridge interviews are notoriously challenging and our tutorials help tutees meet these challenges. To this end, tutees are familiarised with a variety of texts pertinent to their chosen course of study. These include literary classics (novels, novellas, short stories and poems), texts on etymology, applied linguistics and psycholinguistics, and the works of influential modern philosophers. 


Interview Technique - Tutees participate in mock interviews during which they tackle questions and scenarios pertinent to their chosen course of study. Please click here for more information on Oxbridge Interview Questions.


We tutor in the comfort of your home, online (via Skype, Zoom, Teams or FaceTime), or at the home of one of our specialist Oxbridge applications tutors, at a time that is most convenient for you. 


We currently tutor in person within a 10 mile radius of Bournemouth town centre, including Christchurch, Parkstone, Poole, Southbourne, Westbourne, Boscombe, Moordown, Winton, Charminster, Ferndown, Wimborne, and Branksome.

Please note: we cannot guarantee an offer of a place at Oxford or Cambridge University.

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