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Terms of Business

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blt Tutors


blt tutors provide high-quality tuition for children and adults, offering bespoke educational services, language tuition, preparation for 11 Plus English and verbal reasoning papers, ESOL and EAL services, as well as preparation for university and public examinations in French, German and Spanish. Our expressed aim is to exceed our clients' expectations and so we adopt a rigid framework for selecting and registering all of our tutors. Please click here to find out more about our tutor registration process.




Our tutorials are designed to meet the specific needs of each tutee (for more information on this primary objective, please consult our philosophy). To this end, both our language tutorials and 11 Plus English and verbal reasoning tutorials include an informal assessment for each tutee at the outset. This provides focus and clarity for the tutoring process, allowing us to target specifically where each tutee needs particular support.


Our educational services are designed to help tutees take control of their learning, to facilitate and inform the UCAS application process and to provide a forum for tutees to learn or develop their language skills in French, German, Spanish, ESOL or EAL. Each tutorial is tailored the needs of each individual, providing a bespoke service to support each tutee in their endeavour to achieve their own aims and objectives.


Specifically, our educational services have five purposes:


  • To support and advise tutees on how to study effectively;


  • To support tutees throughout the UCAS application process;


  • To prepare tutees wishing to read French, German or Spanish at Oxford or Cambridge;


  • To provide French, German and Spanish tuition to adults, undergraduates, business professionals and children (4 to 11);


  • To provide ESOL and EAL services for international students.


Our tutorials are intended to be fun, to inspire curiosity, to promote critical thinking and to yield measurable results. Our rigid tutor selection process is supplemented by regular Tutor Development Sessions (TDSs) which are designed to keep our tutors abreast of changes in specifications and to encourage them to share their tutoring experiences and explore best practice. blt adopts a bespoke methodology, LinguaAccelerate™, which shapes our tutors’ approach to tutoring, guides and informs their relationship with the subject matter and explores effective tutee-centred practices and techniques. Our LinguaAccelerate™ methodology is premised on 60-minute tutorials; however, longer tutorials can be made by special arrangement between tutor and tutee.




Provision of exercise books, text books, pens and other stationery are the responsibility of the tutee. Tutors will advise tutees on any specific requirements.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that an appropriate adult is on premises throughout all tutorials (where applicable).


In case of tutee illness, or absence for any other reason, the client should contact the tutor directly. A minimum of 48 hours' (two full days') notice is required. Where 48 hours' (two full days') notice has not been given and if the tutorial cannot be rearranged for another time that is convenient for both the tutee and the tutor within the same week as the cancelled lesson, the client will be charged pro rata at the usual rate. 


Should a tutor not be able to attend a tutorial, blt aims to replace that tutor in order to avoid disruption. Alternatively, the tutorial may be rearranged with the regular tutor at the client’s request.


Tutees are required to give at least two weeks' notice to your tutor and to blt by email or by phone before bringing regular tutorials to an end.




Tutees are required to pay their tutor directly, either at the beginning or at the end of their tutorial. Tutees are welcome to pay for tutorials up to four weeks in advance; in which case they are provided with a receipt confirming how many tutorials they are entitled to. In such instances, tutors will also provide tutees with the dates and times of their tutorials, at the tutee’s request.

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