Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) Interview Questions

Our Oxbridge French, German and Spanish tutorials (undertaken in person or via Skype, Zoom, Teams or FaceTime) are designed to meet the needs of tutees wishing to make an application to read French, German or Spanish (single or joint honours) at Oxford or Cambridge (Oxbridge) Universities. For more information on our Oxbridge French, German and Spanish tutorials, please click here.

The following links provide a range of interview questions to help develop Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) Modern Languages (ML) candidates' critical thinking, knowledge and confidence in preparation for Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) Modern Languages (ML) and General interviews.

Oxbridge Interview Questions (Modern Languages Interview)

Oxbridge Interview Questions

(General & Modern Languages Interview)

Oxbridge Interview Questions (General Interview)

Oxford & Cambridge (Oxbridge) Interview Questions (Modern & Medieval Languages)