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Our LinguaAccelerate™ methodology is born out of a tutee-centred, communicative language approach. The methodology has as its primary goal the development of knowledge and skills through collaborative tasks and active learning. Emphasising inductive techniques, tutors promote interaction with the subject matter to draw conclusions that tutees make their own.


Consistent with Krashen’s model of second language acquisition (Krashen, 1982), our LinguaAccelerate™ methodology supports graded task-based learning to reduce the affective filter, and, in so doing, optimise intrinsic motivation. Activities are thus tailored to each tutee’s learner profile, differentiating by process, content and product.


The LinguaAccelerate™ methodology is premised upon a hypothesis that learning and performance are optimal when tutees are optimally aroused. To this end, tutorials engender challenge, sustain enjoyment and celebrate success. Thus tutorials are typically 60 minutes in length, providing for optimal learning, concentration and sustained attention (Elmore, 1995).


Adhering to PPP and TTT tutoring formats, the LinguaAccelerate™ methodology prioritises recycling and plenary to facilitate memory consolidation and optimise natural progression.



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Stephen Krashen, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics and Education at the University of Southern California

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