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The following constitutes a collection of sites, downloads and publications which we feel our tutees and visitors will find of use. The collection is updated regularly. These links provide information, advice and language practice relating to the services that blt provides.


blt Publications


Bespoke Languages Tuition: Help with UCAS and Oxbridge Applications

An article published in the INDEPENDENT SCHOOL PARENT explaining the many benefits of undertaking the UCAS and/or Oxbridge application process with blt. The article includes an interview with our Principal, Aaron Neame, MBA.


Top 10 Benefits of blt Tutorials

Our Principal, Aaron Neame, MBA, outlines the top 10 benefits of learning with blt.


Modern Languages


700 Reasons to study modern languages

700 reasons to study modern languages provided by the Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS).



The site includes an array of A-Level resources for the new AQA specification to help develop Spanish reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary pertinent to the new AQA A-Level specification.


John Witney (free registration required)

Providing a bank of proprietary and past papers, John Witney’s site offers comprehensive information, practice and tips on all aspects of the French and Spanish CIE IGCSE and Pre-U examinations.


La Nación

Argentina's leading online newspaper. Providing authentic coverage of Hispanic and international current affairs, is ideal for higher level vocabulary extension and reading skills development.


Best French Websites

To develop vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, as well as reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. These websites cater for learners of all ages, levels, and abilities.


For Students of Languages

Flash-based activities for students of French, German, Spanish and Italian.


Memrise (free registration required)

To develop pronunication and spelling of key vocabulary through games, activities and tests in French, German and Spanish for GCSE, AS and A Level.


Oxford Dictionaries

Online French, German and Spanish dictionaries (Oxford University Press) providing additional practice with grammar, synonyms, pronunciation and punctuation.



Providing authentic coverage of French and international current affairs, rfI SAVOIRS is ideal for higher level vocabulary extension, as well as reading and listening skills development.

Online French, German and Spanish dictionaries (amongst others) featuring publicly accessible forums allowing registered users to ask questions about vocabulary and grammar.

A collaborative project to develop interactive, sound-integrated language learning resources.

To practise Spanish pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. caters for beginners, GCSE, AS and A Level.

News in Slow French

To develop listening skills in French. News in Slow French provides coverage of French and international current affairs, catering for learners of all levels and abilities.


To develop vocabulary and verb skills in French, German, Spanish and other languages at all levels.

Languages Online

To practise French, German and Spanish reading and writing skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary. Languages Online caters for beginners, GCSE, AS and A Level.



To develop key vocabulary through flashcards, games, activities and tests in French, German and Spanish for GCSE, AS and A Level.



To practise French, German and Spanish reading, writing, listening, speaking and exam skills, as well as vocabulary and grammar for GCSE, AS and A Level.


Revision tips and practice for GCSE students

Provides tips and practice tests for students of GCSE French and German.


BBC Languages

To develop vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar through activities and tests (audio and video) in French, German and Spanish for beginners, GCSE, AS and A Level.


BBC Bitesize

To practise French, German and Spanish reading, writing, listening, speaking and exam skills, as well as vocabulary and grammar at GCSE level.


Translation Toolkit

To provide A-Level, Pre-U and Undergraduate students with an emergency tool kit for approaching translation (Cambridge University).


Recommended Language Schools


Sheffield Centre Group


The Sheffield Centre Group is one of the leading companies in the language industry in Spain. With more than 25 years of experience, the Sheffield Centre Group is reputed internationally for the provision of high-quality Spanish immersion courses. The Sheffield Centre Group operates in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.


11 Plus


The 11 Plus Guide

The 11 Plus Guide offers tutors and parents advice and resources for 11 Plus study.


Common Entrance (CE)


Galore Park

Galore Park is a leading independent publisher of school textbooks for children aged 8-16. With textbooks endorsed by the ISEB, they offer teachers and parents the ideal resources for 11 Plus and Common Entrance study. Visit their website or call 01580 767202.




Schools Web Directory UK

The Schools Directory provides comparison of all UK schools.


Independent Schools Directory

The Independent Schools Directory contains information on all independent schools in the UK. It enables prospective parents to communicate with many of these schools directly rendering obsolete the need to write letters, make telephone calls, send faxes, etc.


The Good Schools Guide

The latest edition of The Good Schools Guide provides independent reports on 1,200 schools – primary, prep, secondary, independent, state and special.


Independent Schools Council (ISC)

ISC provides comprehensive information and advice for parents interested in an independent school education for their children.


Office of Standards in Education (Ofsted)

OFSTED inspect and regulate to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages.


University and Higher Education


Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is the British admission service for students applying to university, including post-16 education.


The Complete University Guide

The Complete Univeristy Guide provides information and advice for parents and students, including gap years, university league tables, courses, fees, loans, internships, and top graduate employers.

University Compare

A comprehensive university comparison site, offering students resources, tools, personal statements, student advice and university stats and rankings. 


German teaching jobs

Jobs in Bournemouth


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