Adult Education
French tuition, German tuition, Spanish tuition

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We provide bespoke French, German and Spanish tutorials for adult learners of all ages and abilities - beginners, intermediate and advanced. We understand that our tutees have different motivations for learning a language and that we all learn at a different pace, and so we follow a tailored curriculum designed to be highly flexible and comprehensive.


Our language tutorials aim to:


  • Improve speaking skills (fluency, accuracy and pronunciation);


  • Enhance listening skills (listening for gist and specific information);


  • Review and develop grammatical structures;


  • Develop vocabulary range (including phrases and idioms);


  • Provide practice of written skills (style, accuracy and register);


  • Practise reading skills (skimming, scanning, reading for gist and detailed information).


We tutor in the comfort of your home, your office, online (via Skype, Zoom, Teams or FaceTime), or at the home of one of our specialist tutors, at a time that is most convenient for you. 


We currently tutor in person within a 10 mile radius of Bournemouth town centre, including Christchurch, Parkstone, Poole, Southbourne, Westbourne, Boscombe, Moordown, Winton, Charminster, Ferndown, Wimborne, and Branksome.

'I didn't learn French as a child and haven't studied anything beyond my Leaving Certificate at school. My tutor has been very kind and patient with me and I can now string simple sentences together in French and feel confident that I'll be able to communicate enough to get by when we move to Toulouse. I've loved learning French - it's been much more fun than I expected.' (Angela Goodwin)

‘I love Spain. We've been going to Murcia every year for the past nine years, so I thought my husband and I should have a go at learning some Spanish! It's been far easier than we thought - our tutorials are slow enough for us to learn things, but fast enough to keep us on our toes! We can understand and speak some basic Spanish now and I feel very proud of what we've both achieved.' (Peggy Lewis)